Moa is employed at Kulturskolan Stockholm, the Stockholm Culture School, as a teacher of indian tabla and world music ensemble as well as the coordinator of the department "Music and Dance of the world", "Världens Musik och Dans". For more info, visit www.kulturskolan.stockholm/vmod.


Learn to play tabla

Tabla is the most popular instrument in south Asia with origin in India. It is a pair of drums that are played by the hands and fingers. The tabla is used both as a solo instrument and to accompany other instruments, vocal and dance in Indian classical music, folk music and other musical styles. the students learn rhythm, pulse, musical interaction, improvisation and repertoar and get opportunities to perform o a stage at different occasions. The classes are held in groups 2-5 students, 30-45 minutes once a week, minimum 12 times/term. Moa Danielson Grimstad is educated in Varanasi gharana by Sudip Kumar Bhattacharya and Pt Kishore Kumar Misra. instrument for practice at home is available to rent. 

Mondays at Kulturskolan, Bredäng, Bredängstorget 8.

Age: 6-22 years

Fee: 750 SEK/term

Instrument rent: 300 SEK/term

Sign up at: http://www.kulturskolan.stockholm.se